‘Tesla Road Rage Guy’ Gets Five Years In Prison

Southern California victims of road rage have finally received a small bit of justice. LA’s ABC 7 reports a notorious road rage driver who gained the name of “Tesla road rage guy” has been sentenced to five years in prison for his actions.

Social media called him “Tesla Road Rage Guy” and it stuck. But his real name is Nathaniel Walter Radimak. In late 2022, Radimak targeted at least 10 people — who also happened to be mostly women — in a series of road rage attacks across the LA area. This also isn’t his first run-in with the law. ABC7 says that he has a criminal history going back over 20 years that spans eight states.

One woman who ABC 7 spoke with anonymously, recounted her encounter with Randimak on the 101 freeway in November 2022. Her dashcam video of the incident helped lead to his conviction.

“He went around me and completely stopped, and this was on a full freeway, and just got out of the car and started hitting me,” she said. “I felt if I didn’t get away, he would have cracked my window.”

Other victims told ABC7 of their encounters with Radimak and their fear of what might happen in the future. “I just feel like he is going to get out and be infuriated, especially since all our names are out in the public record, for the majority of us,” said one victim, who wanted to be quoted only by “Gracia.”

Some also feel that five years in prison isn’t long enough. Still, the victims stay in contact with each other and regularly talk in a group chat for things like support and updates on Randimak’s case. Meanwhile, Randimak remains detained in LA County’s Men Central Jail in Downtown LA.