Off-Roading A Gold Wing, While Carrying A Dirt Bike, Is Peak Dudes Rock

We’ve all been there — you find a cool moose skull in the woods, but it’s too far off the road to hike it back. You could bring your enduro bike out to carry it, but you still need to get that bike to the trail somehow. Worse still, your Sherco isn’t exactly built for hauling cargo — you probably want that skull on the back for as little time as possible. What do you do? Do you give in, and live the rest of your life knowing there’s a cool moose skull out there that’s just beyond your reach?

Not if you’re YouTuber Matt Spears, you don’t. You’re not gonna let such pesky little problems stand between you and those sweet sweet antlers. No, you’re going to take that enduro bike, stick it on the back of a chopped-up Honda Gold Wing, and off-road them both until you find that skull. Dudes rock.

Honda GOLDWING Off Roading!

Now, to be clear, when I say Spears’ Gold Wing is “chopped-up” I say that with reverence. PIAA lights, custom bash guards, and an absolutely incredible exhaust note might make this the single coolest Wing on the planet. Maybe running a little hotter now, with all the added friction from that oil leak, but that’s fine. Everything’s fine.

A less-prepped Gold Wing would’ve crumpled on the first hill ascent, but a less-skilled rider would have done the same. Spears, incredibly, largely keeps the massive tourer steady on its trip up the trail — and manages to keep it together on its oil-leaking limp back down. Take the twelve minutes out of your schedule to give the video a watch. It’s worth it.