Maryland Cop Suspended For Kissing A Woman, Getting In Patrol Crossover With Her

Office Francesco Marlett is in hot water after he footage of Marlett smooching on a woman, then getting into the back seat of his patrol crossover with her where he spent around 40 minutes, was posted to TikTok Tuesday. In a statement, the Prince George County Police Department said:

PGP Executive Command is aware of a video circulating on social media with one of our officers. As soon as we became aware earlier today, we opened an investigation to determine the circumstances. Additional information will be released once investigated and confirmed.

Here’s the video that was originally posted on TikTok, but has now made it to Twitter as all the best TikTok videos do:

Witnesses say the incident took place in a public park where families with young children were hanging out. The Baltimore Banner spoke to the man who filmed the video:

Nelson O, who declined to give his last name because he feared retaliation, said he filmed the video of the encounter that was shared on a relative’s TikTok account. He was in Oxon Hill’s Carson Park with his child and family to play soccer Sunday night when he saw the officer walking around looking “suspicious,” he said. Nelson O said he began filming when a young woman, apparently in her 20s, pulled up because, he said, “something didn’t seem right.”

The two remained in the vehicle for about 40 minutes before exiting the back of the police cruiser and quickly leaving the park in their respective vehicles, said Nelson O.

“It was concerning because there’s kids around,” he said. “It just seemed off because this is the person that you’re supposed to call for suspicious activity doing the suspicious activity, you know.”

The amorous officer had previously been suspended after an indictment for child abuse and assault. As the Banner reports, making expert use of police spokesperson voice:

Marlett spanked his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son. The boy hit his head against a wall and lost consciousness. When the boy’s mother came into the room, she found Marlett performing CPR on the unconscious toddler.

Did Marlett knock the kid unconscious? All we know is that he spanked the boy, and then he hit his head hard enough to lose consciousness. Could have been a coincidence.

But regardless, officer Marlett is back on the force serving and protecting the good people of Prince George County, and also smooching on the woman in the video and “kinetically ascertaining her immediate posterior region.”