A Woman In Maryland Won $50,000 Playing The Lotto With Her License Plate Numbers

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Photo: Nam Y. Huh (AP)

What are your go-to lottery numbers? For an anonymous 50-year-old woman in Baltimore, the answer to that question was the numbers of her car’s license plate. When she bought her car a few years ago it came with a plate that included the numbers 9-1-1-0-4 and initially didn’t like them. She reportedly requested to change her plate numbers, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and settled with the numbers she got. Now those numbers have netted her a $50,000 lottery win from a $1 ticket.

After deciding to keep the plate, the woman began to believe that it was fate. The combination of numbers kept showing up everywhere she looked. “It kept appearing everywhere,” she claimed. “I saw it on paperwork at my job, on other car tags, on TV, everywhere.”

The winner has been a long-time player of the Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets, and began regularly playing Pick 5 since it was introduced in February last year. She’d been playing many different combinations of numbers, but after seeing her plate numbers everywhere she decided on a whim to start playing that combo a few weeks ago.

On Sunday, September 10, she grabbed a Pick 5 and played a straight bet on 9-1-1-0-4 and won big. Her husband was the one to check the numbers and deliver the good news. “I just started crying,” said the winner. “I really never thought it would actually come out.” Her husband added, “It could not have come at a better time.”

The couple plans to pay off some bills and save the rest. That seems smarter than what I’d do with the cash, which would probably be buying another car I don’t need. Good for them!